Russia at Arte Laguna Prize
Arte Laguna Prize is an international art competition dedicated to the visual arts, in particular painting, sculpture, photography, video art and performance, virtual and digital art. It was created to give the opportunity to art talents, more or less young, to emerge, to be noticed by the general public and by the jury composed of important names in the contemporary art scene, as well as to allow a democratic comparison between international artists.
Russian winners and finalists of the 14&15th ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE
Vyacheslav Tishin
Alexandra Alekseeva

Kiselev Pavel, "The Limits"
Participants in the action are: a limited space of action, a conventional character, a chalk and a rag.

Life gives us the right to choose, a set of conflicting opportunities, who to be, what to fight for, what to believe. Once made a choice, we sort of outline the boundaries of our own "I", exist within these limits, love them, hate them, tolerate them. Everything comes to an end, the limit of patience is reached, the limits can be revised, the world is changing rapidly, and it is impossible to imagine what we will fight for tomorrow.

This artwork is the story of a character, reflecting, exploring. Having once determined the boundaries of one's own self, it erases them and designates new ones. As long as he has a body, a chalk and a rag, there is the possibility of moving forward to new horizons, there is a voice and will. It is a kind of force that moves them. Actions performed by the character leave traces, so a history is created. The plane filled with these tracks is a metaphor for time and space that the character has. Elements of action are metaphorical units, so you do not need to perceive the work literally, the character is a specific person, a group of people, a nation, a state, but shown only from one point of view. The performance can be extended as a combination of many such characters outlining their outline, intersecting with other contours and thus entering a phase of dialogue / conflict / complicity and so on.
Snezhana von Bundingen, "Meeting Sofie"
"Sofie in poppy field with her boyfriend Andy, Germany 2018"

The picture from the series "Meeting Sofie"

I started taking pictures of Sofie back in 2017 when she was 18 years old. She just finished school and spent almost every day on the family estate. Sofie comes from a family of famous antique dealers and grew up in the magical atmosphere of this farm. Visiting Sofie and her family for over four years, I experienced their everyday lives and shared the highs and lows of her first steps into love. At that time Sofie was in that awkward yet beautiful and thrilling age of transition from a girl to a woman, when every feeling is extremely intense and love seems to be the main purpose of life. With my series "Meeting Sofie" I would like to give an insight into Sofie's life, into the very fascinating „Sofie's world".
Anastasia Dubach, "Pieces of yourself"
Material: Marble,acrylic paint

The sculptural series of the last few years is the result of my thoughts on the proximity between creations of nature, on the one hand, and artificial objects on the other. The idea that it is impossible to draw a clear line between these two "media", as postulated in modern critical theory, became the starting point for my experiments with materials and forms. In my sculptural works, I use natural materials such as wood and marble to create objects that appear to trace the thinnest of lines between the artificial and the natural, between the apparently random and the painstakingly fashioned, between what is fundamentally artistic and what is fundamentally natural. My new series of "pieces of yourself" glorifies the multifaceted personality that is comprised in each and every one of us. The sculpture creates the appearance of a three-dimensional stone-bust, until the viewer walks around the work and sees that it consists of different faces, and different pieces of me. The work reflects how we are all complex parts of many characters who come together to create a whole person. I realized that I want to feel the "presence" of a person. It was this "presence" of a person that I wanted to capture in my work - the characters of people, emotions and, indeed, their "essence".
Konovalova Elizaveta, "Svoboda.1919.2020"
Material: photography,print on banner,iron cast

In the centre of the iron fences of the bridge, in front of a five-pointed star, there is a small female figurine with a raised hand. Details can barely be seen through numerous layers of paint, on some sections the figurine disappeared completely in the black glossy mass.

This work began with a small observation. The figurine turned out to be a miniature replica of the statue of Liberty*, sculpted by Nikolai Andreev. In 1919, it was placed at the head of the 26-metre obelisk of the Monument to the Soviet Constitution on Tverskaya square in Moscow. In 1941, the monument was demolished, only the head of Liberty survived.

Elizaveta Konovalova refers to the replica of the monument, preserved at the bas-reliefs of the Bolshoy Kamenny bridge, in Moscow. Due to regular paint renovations, the outlines of the figurine were distorted in a thickness of dripping layers, and the allegory of freedom itself seems to have inherited the deformations, as if adapting to the new political reality. By confronting the original allegory with its spontaneously transformed replica, the artist emphasises the semantic consequences of this plastic deformation.
Korzhov Valentin, "The brain that passed away"
Material: Silicone, fiberglass,hair

THE BRAIN THAT PASSED AWAY explores the dualistic nature of mankind. In a comedic, yet philosophical underpinning, the madness of contemporary man's plight for simple survival is interpreted by the artist Valentin Korzhov. Sprawled on the floor is a silicon body, mimicking a business man, who's head is cracked open, exposing his mind and brain which have seemingly escaped via their own freewill. The artist states, "... the brain is poisoned by a shocking dose of dopamine in the chase for bright sensual impulses created by the abundance of civilization."Valentin Korzhov further draws a narrative between the Nietzschean abyss which contrasts the beast and the uber-man and nihilism; postmodernism, and ultimately a post-man. There is a juxtaposition between the highest form of man (reason, order, control etc) in the figure's civil attire and groomed condition, and the lowest form of man (animalistic, instinct-driven or emotive) in the freed brain.

The artwork entices the viewer to question our cultural obsession on generating goals, values and successes, while believing we maintain any sort of personal free-will. The work is part of a larger series called "Darwin vs. Darwin", which has been informed by research carried out by Korzhov, and inspired by various conversations with a fellow Ph.D biologist. Korzhov explores two epistemic (Knowledge) ideas on human progress, first, with Plato with his argument of the immortal soul, and second, Darwin with his Positivist theory of the body and natural phenomena.
Grankova Varvara, "@nenasilie (nonviolence)"
Material: instagram,iphone,print

Interactive project, Instagram account «nenasilie» (11 000 followers ), where the artist posts pictures of people with phrases attached on their bodies, phrases that caused them pain, is a some kind of a diary that materializes an urgent topic for our times - psychological violence and abuse. Second photo in the gallery is transformation of these phrases to words person on the photo would like to hear instead of them. The project continued to exist after the end of the exhibition, where it was showcased. Under the hashtag #nenasilie there are more than 400 pictures for now, which are also a part of an interactive project and the logical continuation of it in the form of a flashmob.
Tishin Vyacheslav, "Invertion of the watermelon line"
Material: collage,mix media,web services art

My artwork Collage with a Wild Watermelon Line (2015, mixed media on fiberboard, 68 cm x 88 cm) was the starting point for the project. Please see attached file.

I describe the collage in 9 short phrases referring to its elements and the overall composition:
White background | Dancing rectangles | Cork panel | Silenced display | Gray paper | Three rising lines | Wild watermelon color | Maroon rails | Composition with chords

Then I pick a random stranger in a web text chat* and start a conversation with them, sending the 9 phrases one by one. Next phrase from the list is sent to the conversation partner only after their reply to the previous one.

As soon as the partner in conversation replies to all of the 9 phrases, I send them the web link to the original collage.

Replies that aim at conventional making acquaintance are sorted out.

Any set of replies, even random replies, that shows the conversation partner has joined in the game, is accepted as a text inversion variation (instance) of my collage.

Through this project, I study the variety of feedback, the step-by-step process of communication, the readiness to learn, the figuring out an "elephant" through his feet, trunk, tail, etc.
Alexandra Alekseeva, "The COVID is a series of life awakening stories: sharing is caring"
Material: Printed work

We rushed through a busy life, having no time to connect with extended family. Thanks to Covid — we got a minute to think about our family and loved ones. We were grateful for the experience of life and started to appreciate our loved ones even more. We shared food and helped each other out. Thanks to Covid — we got together even we were far away.
PeaceMan is a short action film about how the first immortal superhero peacemaker Peaceman appeared on earth. The plot of the film is closely intertwined with the vicissitudes of life of the Russian peacekeeper and public figure Lucky Lee. The superhero Peaceman is the alter ego of Lucky himself, but his appearance was preceded by a very complicated story...

The idea of this dynamic action movie is extremely simple. If you are in mortal danger and the killer is already preparing for your removal, what can you do? Killer chooses between poisoning, explosion or shooting. And here is just a simple white sheet of A4 format ... An original solution at the junction of video and comics with an unexpected ending.

This short film was included in the thirty best films according to the Short Film Awards, the main condition of which was to come up with a plot on a given topic, in which a white sheet of paper would help the hero bring his story to life and pass it on to future generations.
The goal is to create an increasingly authoritative and influential system in the world of contemporary art by involving new players from year to year. Since 2006, a virtuous circuit has been created that sees many diversified realities as actors: Foundations, Museums, Galleries, Residences and spaces for art, Made in Italy companies and international brands, with which special projects were designed, then transformed in concrete opportunities for growth and momentum for the professional career of artists.
The exhibition is held at the legendary site of the Venetian arsenal.
Photo - Nicola D'Orta
For each edition ALP receives thousands of applications and only 120 are becoming finalists. From them winners in different sections are selected by world famous art professionals - leading curators, museum directors, art critics. For several years Vassily Tsereteli was a member of International jury member, for a new , 16th edition Alisa Prudnikova will join the team
Among well-known Russian artists participated in the contest - Recycle group, Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich, Sasha Frolova, Katya Belkina and many others.

The current finalists' exhibition is on view from 2 October until November, 21
Sasha Frolova, performance, 2013
Recycle Group, "Letter F", 2016
Fedor Pavlov-Andreevich, "O Batatodromo", 2017

For 2022, Arte Laguna has big plans for a large exhibition at the MMOMa in Moscow.
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