Fine Art collecting for anyone. is a tokenization platform focused on fine art, designed for main market players including auctions, art dealers, and galleries who are interested in offering fractional shares to investors. The platform's goal is to create a product that connects the art market with new buyers and has its own exchange platform and several blockchain focused features.

We asked the Co-Founders FrancescoBoni Guinicelli and Fabrizio D`Aloia to talk about the initiative of selected startups Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator 2023 and answer some of our questions:
- What is
- Our aim is to bridge the gap between small and large investors in the art market by promoting a new way of buying and selling artworks and collectibles. Our platform is based on the idea of digital co-ownership enabled by Blockchain Technology.
- What was the main impulse for you to create a tokenization platform?
- At, it all started with the desire to make the art market reachable. As the word suggests, ArtSquare is an accessible and free-for-all digital space –just like a public square–where art is exchanged. The platform uses Blockchain Technology to bring the art industry closer to the people. NFTs and Smart Contracts allow them to make the sale and purchase of art a shared reality. Blockchain-powered fractional ownership is one of these models and the most inclusive one. By buying fractions of artworks instead of paying for the whole objects, low-net- worth individuals can take part in a type of investment they were traditionally excluded from. In a move that counteracts the traditional art ownership system, they can also make art an easily available and accessible asset that is meant to be shared—digitally and materially— with their peers.
- What distinguishes from others?
- is among the first batch of art fractionalization platforms. We believe that by experimenting and building solutions that apply Blockchain features to the art industry, we can create the first fully working exchange where investors can invest and trade fractional shares of fine art, much like stocks on the financial market.
- May NFTs be the future of art? If yes, which role plays in this process?
- First of all we can say that the NFT in is the unique Digital Twin of the artwork: this Non Fungible TOken is binded to the artwork because of all its information encrypted. Secondly, in the analogical world, you must have provenance, condition reports, videos and photos in order to prove your property of the artwork and its value. In the digital world, ownership can be proved by simply having the NFT stored in your wallet.
- Can you highlight two main things that a new art investor needs to consider before buying an NFT?
- With the explosion of the NFT market, the motto seemed to be 'let's cut out the middle man.' While technology does offer an opportunity to lower costs and connect buyers and sellers directly, we believe that cutting out the middle man is not the right approach when buying an NFT. Instead, we suggest that new collectors consider two main factors: the artwork's history and curation. It is essential to research the background of the artist and the type of curation that interests them for their collection.
- What are your hopes for the future of the Web3 ecosystem?
- We are experiencing a very tough bear market for the Web3 ecosystem in 2022 and 2023. Our peers are all in built mode and working through difficulties to shape the future of the sector. Our hope is that in the next bull market there will be the breakthrough to make Web3 solutions mainstream. As decentralization grows we need more and more users to provide feedback and use the technology in order for it to become institutionalized.
It is the first Fine Art Stock Exchange. was launched to combine our passion for fintech and art. The idea was to make art a liquid and tradable asset thanks to the use of blockchain while lowering the very high entry barrier that makes art investing possible just for a few. Our goal is to democratize access to art and create a liquid secondary market that will allow collectors to trade art shares just like stocks on the financial market.
- What made you want to participate in Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator 2023?
- The idea to launch ArtSquare started in 2018 when the art+tech market was just starting. One of the major milestones for the industry was the first edition of Christie's art tech conference that was held in London. Since then a group of promising sectors has grown into a proper tech sector and thanks to the NFT booming in 2021 it has now started to be taken seriously by VC and also art operators. The journey has been amazing but sometimes lonely and frustrating given the fact that we were very much pioneering the space.

When we saw the opportunity to be working directly with Fuelarts and Tezos we were thrilled because those are two operators that have bet on the art tech sector from their inception and managed to put together the community of professionals working in this new industry.
- What exactly motivates you the most in acceleration?
- Participating in the Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator program is a great opportunity for to discuss our ideas and vision with people from the sector who share our desire to bring innovation to the art market. Our main motivation is to receive feedback quickly from our peers and mentors, which will help us save time in deciding which approach to take before moving to the go-to-market phase for our project.