CHEYNI TV is a film platform for streaming video, NFT implemented, planning to implement collectibles, like backstages, special utilities for the audience, original content model, first of all, documentaries from mid-career and senior artists, collaboration with art schools that produce original content, watch to earn model with a native token and spend this token on their marketplace.

CHEYNI TV focuses on building real-life-powered NFT bridges between brands and audiences through film and video creators. With its art and entertainment-driven smart blockchain structure, CHEYNI TV fills the gap between content creators, audiences & brands.

We asked the CHEYNI TV Founder Can Eren to talk about the initiative and answer some of our questions:
- What distinguishes CHEYNI TV from others?
- With its magical formula whether it's a box office or an independent, every film offers limitless joy and unexplored emotions to the audience. On the other hand, every film production produces thousands of outputs during its creation journey. Unfortunately as an audience, most of the time we can only access the film itself. We believe in the power of film production materials and sub-stories and we want to give them a life on CHEYNI TV. Because of this we call CHEYNI TV as a metaverse of cinema.

This awareness and sensitivity is the most exclusive feature that distinguishes us from others. CHEYNI TV is a creator economy and entertainment platform that covers all possibilities of film production and watching habits with its Web3 integration. CHEYNI TV is the only project with this 360 degree approach.
- Could you tell us a bit about your background and how you get started in the film industry?
- I studied Cinema at Bilgi University, one of the most prestigious universities in Istanbul. During my cinema education, I saw a video mapping work which is the graduation project of Refik Anadol and his friends, who are seniors at the same university of mine. Because of this fascinating video mapping work, I started a double major in Visual Communication Design in addition to my Cinema education. After completing my education, I did a Cinema master's degree at the same university.

Since 2013 we have been producing films and commercials with my exceptional talented directors under the roof of my company. We also provide line production service to foreign filmmaker teams who want to shoot in Turkey. Our productions enabled us to participate in many festivals, particularly Cannes and Berlinale, win awards, and build fruitful networks around the world, such as Mexico, Argentina, and many European countries.
- How can NFTs open up new markets for usual art forms?
- We can think of NFT technologies as like digital containers. Tupperwares of the internet. So, the value is dramatically related to the contents that you add to the NFTs. We are calling this special content as a utility.

The main problem of the art oriented NFT world is the lack of caring for the utilities. Honestly, if I decided to buy a pure art work, I would definitely go to a physical art gallery. If I wanted to entertain myself with a film, the great cinema chains await me with their Coke & Popcorn menus.

As digital reformists, we have to care about the utilities. We have to suggest exclusive benefits to our NFT communities and keep them alive. The value of the NFTs can only build on this approach.

If you are a performing artist, you can build collaboration with a venue and give access to your NFT holders to attend events there. If you are an anonymous street artist, you can prepare a street art tour guide and merge it with a street fashion brand. If you are a filmmaker, you can suggest special discounts on your sponsor brand's products or services.

Long word short, if you are a creator, you should create the NFT utility campaigns too. This is the only way to engage with people and expand the interaction area with the help of NFTs.
- NFTs have started to reveal their potential and utility in the entertainment world. Can you describe the technical mechanism and innovative solutions that CHEYNI TV offers?
- As I mentioned, the entertainment world, especially the film industry has a great NFT potential thanks to its multi-layered story-based structure.

With the behind-the-scenes, shooting locations, sub-stories and sponsorships, film productions can build fruitful collaborations with brands, video game industry and even civil society organizations.
Here are 360-degree CHEYNI TV features that will accelerate film industry's Web3 adoption:
  • Community-curated films and NFT collectibles platform
    CHEYNI TV is a Web3 powered new generation streaming platform. On CHEYNI TV users while they are watching trend-setting films and videos world wide they can also buy and sell the film-linked NFT collectibles and engage with niche fan communities.
  • Watch & Earn
    CHEYNI TV dynamic Watch and Earn model was developed to create a bold, sophisticated and sustainable community. On CHEYNI TV free subscribers will earn ghost rewards while watching but only premium subscribers will be able to swap their ghost rewards to CHEYNI TV Tokens and unlock exclusive CHEYNI TV governance NFTs. Thanks to this unique approach, paid subscribers will feed the liquidity pool of CHEYNI TV Token and be able to participate in the governance of the platform.
CHEYNI TV's two main content approaches:
Features of CHEYNI TV to be launched:
- NFT crowdfunding for film and video creators

- Decentralized audience measurement for brand agencies

- Web3-OTT SaaS platform for niche markets
- What has been the effect of NFTs and blockchain technology on the film industry?
- In the last 20 years, non-studio productions have grown 3-fold, over that of studio productions. That's why, we can easily say that the global film industry is a reasonable area for De-Fi models. In the film industry, especially in the non-studio productions we started to see successful NFT crowdfunding examples, and the NFT crowdfunding trend is growing day by day.

But, filmmakers did not see the creative potential of the NFTs yet. I guess it is connected to the speculative reputation of the Web3 technologies. As I mentioned many times in this interview, the film world has endless opportunities for NFTs.

In general I am humble but I will not be on this, the mass adoption of NFTs is dramatically linked to the film industry, either Hollywood or independent and it will happen soon.
- How do you support creative professionals who might be able to contribute to the expansion of the CHEYNI TV Ecosystem?
One of CHEYNI TV's content approaches, CHEYNI TV Originals consist of exclusive branded content to be produced by our own production teams and our partner 3rd party companies.

The second approach CHEYNI TV Selections is an application-based selection and all mid-carrier and senior film and video producers can easily apply to the selection by filling out the short form on our webpage:

On the CHEYNI TV Selections, we assist selected film and video producers during their utility-linked NFT collectibles campaign building process with our NFT strategists.

Besides those, we have a unique ambassador program to support the exceptional and trendsetting creative sector professionals who can potentially contribute to the production of CHEYNI TV Art & Entertainment contents and the growth of the ecosystem.

Film and video producers, independent curators, marketing professionals, event organizers, community managers, influencers, and any kind of creative industry professionals can be welcome to the CHEYNI TV Ambassador program. Ambassador candidates can easily apply to the program by filling out the short form on our webpage:

The Ambassador program aims to accelerate the growth of CHEYNI TV art and entertainment contents and expand participation to the CHEYNI TV community through CHEYNI TV token and CHEYNI TV NFT rewards.
- Why did you decide to participate in Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator 2023?
- We were attracted to the program primarily because of the deep experience and knowledge the Fuelarts team has in both the art and startup fields, as well as the technical skills of the Tezos mentors.

With our CHEYNI Original branded content strategy, we are aiming to create a culturally oriented sustainable loyalty area for new generation audiences, bridging them with top brands.

Due to this, the market reputation and network of our blockchain partner is primarily important for us. In the near future, when we gain great traction with the support of Fuelarts x Tezos accelerator program, we want to build win-win branded content collaborations with Tezos ecosystems major brands like Manchester United, McLaren and Société Générale (fingers crossed).

On the other hand, thanks to Tezos user-friendly technology we will easily integrate many top brands, exceptional filmmakers, artists and a new generation of audiences to the ecosystem.
- What exactly does motivate you the most in acceleration?
- Thanks to our more than 10 years of film and advertising industry experience, we had a chance to build a strong and advantageous architecture, on CHEYNI TV. On the other hand we need knowledge and network support from industry professionals to reach our aims. In our opinion, such special projects should be accelerated, and we believe that the Fuelarts x Tezos accelerator program has the best orientation strategy to match our startup with the market.