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Comic 3.0 is the first major innovation created to provide graphic storytellers with a no-code system where they can upload, create, and mint their graphic stories as interactive NFTs. powered by AR/VR emerging technologies, our system allows creatives to easily generate interactive,3-dimensional digital books and mint them as non-fungible tokens that can be authored, authenticated, and distributed to fans.

We asked Comic 3.0 Co-Founders to talk about the initiative and answer some of our questions:

Comic 3.0 Co-Founders:
  • Gloryvee Cordero
    Co-Founder COMIC 3.0

    Senior-level executive seeking collaboration in creating a legacy by building a technology empire that impacts change.
  • Fei Jin
    Co-Founder COMIC 3.0
- Storytelling is fundamental in Web3. How does Comic 3.0 bring graphic storytelling to the next step?
- Comic 3.0 brings graphic storytelling to a new level with technology that enables artists to easily add layers of animation and audio for next generation NFT's, and to mint their creations all on one platform.
- How did you get started in the game industry and graphic storytelling?
- Graphic storytelling has always been a big part of Glory's life, from being an early fan of comic books and heroes, to working with world-renowned artists creating characters and storylines for major gaming studios. Glory has launched over 500 gaming apps in the app store, so is a veteran in the space. Fei started her career in the world of film/television, with screenwriting aspirations, and was a young fan of manga and anime series, and had a passion for video games and science fiction. The Comic 3.0 project was a natural fit for both founders, given their passion for arts, emerging tech and web3.
- In video games, storytelling helps the players feel involved in the game. How are people involved in Comic 3.0?
- Creators on Comic 3.0 will be able to bring their stories to life like never before, and we want to help them build audiences that are really engaged communities, where members can vote on storylines and characters, like a "choose your own adventure". We want fans to be a part of the creative process. Some creators may even encourage their fans to create remixed works or what we currently think of as "fanart".
- What has been the effect of NFTs and blockchain technology on graphic storytelling and animation?
- With NFT's, becoming a collector or investor is more accessible and scalable than ever before. Most physical objects that are collector's items tend to need physical storage and special handling, like with rare, physical comics. Now, you can have an entire library of works in the palm of your hand (or a cold storage keychain), that are unique to you and which you can also access and enjoy at any time. The idea of digital ownership has been shifting and evolving and rife with controversy ever since the early days of the internet (piracy and filesharing cutting into creators' profits, streaming platforms where consumers pay ever-rising subscription fees to temporarily access content). NFT's help creators to monetize content and receive royalties, and customers to have verified ownership and utility of that content.
- By what criteria do you select creatives to join the professional comic artists' community?
- We want artists who wish to actively engage audiences and create a prolific body of work. We want to help them monetize their creations very quickly and build supportive, excited communities of fans so artists are incentivized to continue creating. We are open-minded regarding genre and style, of course, as long as they remain within reasonable parameters.
- What are users saying about the Comic 3.0 solution?
- Our current community of artists and comic enthusiasts are excited to see a demo of our platform in action! They want to dive into this new technology using our application features to tell their stories through digital art and experience the difference of creative choices and abilities.
- What made you want to participate in Fuelarts x Tezos Accelerator 2023?
- It is such an honor to be a part of the The Fuelarts x Tezos accelerator family, because it was the perfect fit, first of its kind at the intersection of the arts and web3. The Tezos blockchain features low minting fees, eco-friendly, easy to build on, and stellar development community. The Fuelarts organization has developed a robust, world class mentorship program with concise, frank and illuminating discussions on the classic art world as well as the modern web3 ecosystem.
- What exactly motivates you the most in acceleration?
- It's wonderful to be part of an international cohort of ambitious, intelligent individuals building cutting edge platforms. We have learned so much from our Fuelarts mentors, who push and challenge us while giving support and feedback all at once. We feel less isolated as entrepreneurs in this niche, and that has been incredibly inspiring.