Valentin Korzhov
We met for a conversation with a modern sculptor and philosopher Valentin Korzhov, who recently opened a monumental object OBSERVER OF IMMENSE SPACE in the center of Moscow - the media center of Zaryadye Park.
— The idea is the key thing in art. How do you pick up the impulse?
— In the creative process two points are quite well reflected for me: the first is interest as a force of gravity and the second is gazing as a kind of transcendental beginning. If the interest is concentrated and it magnetizes then day after day, sooner or later, I begin to perceive and contemplate the contours of future works and of a new artistic approach.
— Your creations are cosmic, timeless. How do you manage to implement them?
— When we are talking about the view of the night starry sky, the photograph of galaxies of star clusters, we talk about timeless material. I peer and with subtle intuitions catch certain contours — meaningful figures, outlining them. I start from the timeless.
— Is the contemporary audience a passive contemplator, or a participant in the creative process?
— There is an idea that an art creation cannot happen without an audience. The audience is an active participant in the creation of the art object. There's an expression: «‎beauty is in the eye of the beholder»‎. Only at the moment when the image is reflecting on the retina and generating certain feelings, emotions, impressions, insights, we speak about accomplished creation.

— How is it possible to go down in the history of art?
— The question is not that our activity is aimed at going down in history, but that history enters us. This is a big grinding after which in the course of time all that exists remains and everything perishable, illusory melts away. The only thing that can be a topic now is the very high speed of modern life. If you do not realize your efforts to be on the surface, then most likely you will very quickly be swept away, buried under layers. Very high speeds... An author needs a lot of energy today to stay on the surface as an artist. There is a growing need for special activity, gathering of additional information to create the relevance of objects of art, its representation.
— What is your superpower? You are conquering space, what is next?
— I don't want the space as a source of revelations ever to leave me.
— The force majeure situations are common for exhibitions. Have you had projects on the verge of collapse?
— I would like to speak about the organization of the exhibition. Organization of exhibition activity is a functional discipline that requires a connection of various competencies. One of them is textual, including texts, contexts, explications, the second is organizational matters, all types of agreements, the third is production. Two thirds of the success of an international exhibition depends on the supply chain, a logistics partner. I work only with those with whom I want to work, then we are talking about associates, a team. Almost twenty years have passed, and the people who are with me are people whom I trust, and the keen interest that has developed over the years, professionalism and a sense of mission do not create a situation for force majeure.
— How important is the exhibition in Zaryadye to you? Zaryadye is the most prestigious exhibition area in the heart of Moscow.
— During the exhibition the accomplishment of the creation in its entirety is revealed, the ancient Greeks saw service in this. While the sculpture is in the studio without an audience, it does not yet have the capacity to be art. Aristotle called it entelechy. This is a challenge, as much as the completeness of the audience perception is the completeness of feedback. The word «capacity» in some eastern linguistic groups is synonymous with responsibility. In this context Zaryadye is a kind of maxim. I am glad that I was able to join the Zaryadye team — very brave people with creative energy in which gravity I was lucky to work. And this is the result.

Valentin Korzhov
Valentin is the member of Moscow Artists Union, sculpture section. His personal exhibitions took place in such important public spaces like Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, State Darwin Museum, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Arts Academy and many others. His exhibition Archeology of Memory was showcased as a collateral event of the 5th International Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. The project "BEING & TIME" was included in the main projects of the VIII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2018. In 2020 Valentin became a finalist of the XIV International Arte Laguna Prize, in March 2021 he is presenting his installation "THE BRAIN THAT PASSED AWAY" in Venice.

Valentin was included in top-100 Renowned Russian Artists (InArt 2018).

The exhibition project cos20mos21, within the framework of which Korzhov's installation is exhibited, is open to the public until the end of summer 2021 - Zaryadye Park