Misha Priem
Artist and Architect.
Presented in private collections in the USA, France, China and Russia.
Misha Priem is an artist and environmental architect from Russia. He creates his own unique style using a different calligraphy technique. The author's inspiration is the everyday life of nature and the uniqueness of urban landscapes. His paintings are always looking for points of contact with the place and the author deliberately combines strokes and colors with natural textures. Misha often talks about the dialogue of the urban environment and intertwining thoughts in the digital noise of everyday life. Therefore, in his multi-layered works, you can find quotes from cities, nature and human actions.

We are happy to present an interview with this talented artist.
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How did your style develop?
- I'm trying not to use the word style at all. The concept of "reception" is closer to me. It better describes the artist's values and his relationship to the outside world. My techniques were born from architectural activities, design, calligraphy. And only with time I managed to reassemble these layers.
Do you have any rituals?
- I like working barefoot. When I roll out a huge canvas, I often paint directly on the ground. This is how the textures of stones and herbs leave their print on the canvas.
What are you inspired by?
- I think now contemplation is closer to me. This is also inspiration, but with a greater "exposure". I like to watch the landscape and its vibration for a long time. Mountains, forest, city, ocean - there are noises everywhere.
How is your creativity embodied in the digital age?
- Most often this happens in collaboration with dancers, photographers, musicians. In such a dialogue, it turns out to form excellent content. And of course trips and trips. Coming to new places, and creating my works there, I actually rediscover the art of travel.
What emotions do you experience while creating?
- Calmness. Art brings me back to itself. It is as if the control panel for all this chaos appears in your hands. And for a while, crazy actions take on meaning.
How do you think it remains relevant in art now?
- Better not to think about it at all. As soon as you start worrying about trends and getting into the hype canvas, you will immediately lose time to yourself. You just need to understand that your art has its own speed and its own way. This reflection makes you relevant.
What art do you think is in demand now?
- Honest. There is too much virtual and contrived around. and sooner or later everyone starts to get tired of these fantasies.
Where is the sky above?
- Where there is no ground under your feet. Probably, the feeling of loss of gravity is one of the basic ones in creativity. You want to break the laws of the Earth, or at least come close to this state in art.
How can I find / buy your work?
- Now the main platform for the presentation and sale of my works is Instagram @mishapriem
"For me, art is a commentary on the time, it is an awareness of the era, actions, family, language, and oneself. Probably we are like a cycle of nature - we repeat without repeating ourselves. This is the state I am trying to design, express and experience as a flow."
"When creating my paintings, I rely on the place and its experience. My paintings began to be born in travel as a response to the challenges of local nature, architecture and different traditions. So, for example, in New York, the rocks and skyscrapers of the Central Park influenced the color scheme, in Istanbul - the conversations and diversity of markets, in Sochi - the silent pebbles of the sea, in Vologda - frozen leaves under the ice near the Prilutsky monastery. This format of the painting-travel has become a technique for my art, it captures the moments of everyday life, which are laid down in layers in the strokes on the canvas."

Misha Priem
Vologda, Russia