Sanan Aleskerov
Transparency of simplicity
Once he dreamed of becoming a machinist, pilot, guitarist, operator, archaeologist, but in the end he connected his life with her, which he has no one closer to - with photography. For a long time he did not take digital seriously, and now he is proud of the latest model of a digital camera. Fickle, but incredibly sensitive and able to love, Sanan Aleskerov, with the help of a camera, tries to comprehend the trees, houses, the road, the eyes and hands of a person. For him, love is more than a feeling. Perhaps that is why he believes that she should not be overshadowed by marriage.
How did you find your creative path?
The search, as such, goes on in the time of my residence. That is, life suggests a shock. The main thing is not to get lost in "trends", "fashion", "illusions of society". The world and everything that exists is extremely diverse, interesting, mysterious, unusual, that the search for a "new" never bothered me.
If people are not similar to each other, then the ways of understanding and creating art are diverse for them.
For me there is only one law that gives me certain pictures. My path is not work for success, it's a stupid idea.
My way is to understand and love the world.
What do you think is the mission of your art?
The mission of my and I think of any art is to maintain the strength and purity of the Soul. No human activity can cope with this work. The art of photography, in my opinion, copes with this mission better, since it is strong in that these are not far-fetched images, but a document confirming the truth of what is depicted. Therefore, I consider my work to be very necessary and important for people. It is a pity that understanding photography, and indeed any art, is not given to people with mother's milk. To get his own from art, the viewer must stand on the same level with the artist.
— What inspires you to work?
I am inspired by the very life around me. Or maybe I surrounded her? We build our worlds and live in them. I try to imitate nature, to be a creator of memories, reflections, or simply an observer fixing "climaxes".
What is the most important thing students get in your courses?
Students get what they can take. Alexey Brodovich said about his teaching method that he uncorks the bottle and releases the genie. I, on the other hand, have been a sponge for 45 years, absorbing everything related to creative photography and along the way literature, music, fine arts - take away what you can and build your world. Some take the theory and become Spectators. Others themselves become creators of spiritual documentalism.
What is photography for you?
— Everything I do in life, indirectly or directly, is connected with one thing - the art of photography.

In order to become a photographer, I went through many professions in my head, and I don't think that dreams have disappeared. I just had a new dream, which I gave myself for life. And today I dream of an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. And I will show up. I know. Just everything has its time.

Sanan Aleskerov

— Art is increasingly moving into the digital age, will this affect your work?
I dont feel that the transition to the digital age will somehow affect my vision. Like a tree I bloom with my flowers in due time.
Do you believe that art can save the world by fighting the turbulence of viruses and warriors?
I don't know if art can save the world if the poles of our planet change or the Earth is blown away by some star... I know that only spirituality will save a person from the "turbulence of viruses and a warrior", and art is the very creative force that counteracts destruction. Art must be the most important subject of our "training on earth" in order to become Human.