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2022 in 10 quick facts
The year 2022 - was a very turbulentl and challenging! Sometimes it was scary and incomprehensible but ART still unites, cures, gives hope and inspires. Our team did lots of incredibly beautiful projects with amazing people from all over the world. Art wins. Love wins.
We are proud to share with you some facts about our team's achievements!
  • OK, what to begin with?
    OK, what to begin with? This year we broke all networking records and significantly multiplied our databases, one of our main instruments. We actively worked with International media writing about Art & Technologies, Art platforms, International Art Associations, Galleries, Art Institutions and Foundations, Museums, Art Agencies, Biennales, Open calls, Art Residences, Art Universities and Students' communities, Blockchain/NFT Hubs, Art+Tech StartUps, DAOs, Marketplaces. We energetically interacted with Artists, Art Experts, Art Collectors, Art Entrepreneurs, Art Managers, Curators, Investors, etc.
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  • Geography and coverage
    We expanded the geography of our projects and coverage, and notably raised the audience of social nets. If you are all about networking and business connections - find us on LinkedIn, if you are more about visuals and hot art news - welcome to our Instagram page, if you prefer old good Facebook - we are here for you also). We write about #Art, #ArtBusiness, #ArtTech, #Artists, #OpenCalls, #ArtStartups, #ArtEducation, #BlockchainArt, #ArtHistory, #ArtExhibitions, #ArtInitiatives, #Museums, #Galleries and all that fills that marvelous and crazy universe called international Art Ecosystem. If you are not following us yet - welcome, don't waste time, subscribe and stay up to date with the most interesting and trending topics, that we share with you.
Some statistics 2022
  • < 20 projects
    Production & Promotion
  • < 60 databases
    Art / Tech / Business/ Science / Ecology
  • 50 countries
    Geography of coverage
  • We've initiated the ART AMBASSADORS -
    An independent decentralized community of art professionals, including art managers, cultural project producers, art entrepreneurs, art event organizers, gallery owners, art critics, curators, researchers of the contemporary art process, journalists writing about culture, as well as specialists in PR and digital technologies in art. It connects more than 100 art professionals geographically located in Austria, Armenia, Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Georgia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, UAE, Portugal, Russia, USA, Turkey, Finland, France, Switzerland, Ecuador, Estonia, Japan. We are supporting artists and our colleagues, art managers. When politicians are destroying, we, cultural workers are on a mission to save connections and create. And we have big plans for 2023.
  • We continued developing Art+Tech&NFT segment together with the brilliant FUELARTS team:
    Want to know more? 2 Art+Tech & NFT Startups Reports - if you haven't read them yet - do it and you'll see how useful this reading will be for your professional growth, more than 3000 downloads is an impressive number, isn't it? The other document that we definitely recommend you to study is the Art Collectors' Field Guide, which was released this October. Our super PR team also supported this edition, made for classic and digital art collectors. A great pleasure for us was Pre-acceleration program that we supported this spring and a new exciting challenge became for us Fuelarts x Tezos Art+Tech Acceletaror 2023. We already received dozens of applications from all over the world - the UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, the UAE, France, Azerbaijan, the USA, Venezuela, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, Netherlands, Armenia, India, Lithuania, Nigeria, Brazil, Estonia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Applications will be received till December, 30 - take your chance!
  • Exhibitions in Venice!
    September and October "teleported" us to Venice, and let us feel La Biennale di Venezia vibe. Monarch's Dreams exhibition by Luda Rodin and Fragile angel exhibition by Toma and Ik Stenko. Amazing nugget artists who sincerely explore the world around them and allow us to look at it through their eyes. Toma & IK Stenko - creative mother & son tandem, working together in different countries, mixing emotions, cultures and symbols. Luda Rodin – emerging self-taught artist and a mother of five(!!!) children who lives and works in New York. She showed us a world of butterflies, she dedicates herself to charity projects and fills us with hope. We promise our audience to continue to support emerging artists, talk about them, give them vizibility and voice.
  • We support virtual shows too!
    We support not only exhibitions presented in physical spaces but virtual shows too. How could it be otherwise, when new technologies are confidently entering the contemporary art infrastructure? In the beginning of December the TUNNEL VISION exhibition was opened by VOIC hub team and then the project EXILAND. Today, thousands of artists have been forced to leave their hometowns for various reasons - wars, discrimination, censorship, repressions and so on. Many of them are forced to start life from scratch. EXILAND is the exhibition to express not only loss, but also hope. Hope for changing our future using the power and synergy of the global art community. As Gerhard Richter once said, "Art is the highest form of hope". We, TAtchers' believe it is extremely important to support humanitarian initiatives like this project.
  • Support for environmental initiatives!
    In addition to purely art projects, we consider it important to support initiatives aimed at raising awareness of our plane's environmental problems and from September '22 we were involved in a very important project initiated by IKONO tv - ART SPEAKS OUT - a series of streamings taking place during COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh. More than 150 visually powerful video artworks focused on environmental issues were streamed on the screens of the conference and on the ikonoTV platform. We spread the news about it to art & science community as well as to ecological journalists, covering the audience of more than 10 000 000 people around the world. Besides, we continued to support Dos Islas Estudios, which in 2023 is preparing a lot of interesting projects, the coolest research projects, underwater expeditions, art science discoveries that inspire and allow you to look into the future.
  • We consider it's important TO GIVE and to SHARE!
    That is why in 2022 we dedicated time to teach ( several educational programs and webinars related to Art Business and International Art PR). Now, when many artists and art startup teams had to move because of war and political situation, we were happy to participate as mentors in a very important initiative Pause / Play: Culture under Pressure that had participants who are currently relocated or living in Germany, Poland and Georgia. With professional backgrounds in visual arts, curating, art management, art education, audio-visual artists, filmmakers, game designers, developers. The other initiative that we participated was an international online conference Cyber Attack. Digital Art & Activism, the event that investigated how and under what conditions artists are deploying technologies and online spaces to build impactful narratives and actions that respond to accelerating political, economic, and environmental crises, while forging new communities and alliances.
  • About growth and education!
    Working hard almost 24/7 we not only shared experience, but also learned ourselves. Our team members expanded their knowledge by studying at the program for Art+Tech startups and specialized trainings by interest:

    Anna Shvets - Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences

    Maria Bazhenova - Course in Digital Marketing

    Veronika Smirnova - Course of Introduction to Video Games Creation

    Ksenia Listikova - Soundhealing courses (gongs, tibetan bowls, bells)

Best wishes from TAtchers team!
  • "We strongly believe in the power of art, that it can open eyes, melt hearts and rewire brains. We wish that сreation wins over destruction, let 2023 be the year of awareness and peace."
  • "Between fear and love always choose the second one. Don't be afraid of anything, life is too short and too amazing gift. Everyone is an artist - don't hesitate to open up yourself to this world!"
  • "May you discover everything you are looking for in the new year right inside yourself! Happy New Year! Be brave and luck will be on your side. 2023 is absolutely the year for you!"
  • "A New Year, a new start! Open your heart to warmth and shine like a star! Best wishes for the new year. May it be full of bright opportunities!"